Primera generació

Elías Gil is the fourth generation of a long-standing family of wine producers. 1769 is the year in which we can find the first Gil with ties to the world of vines. Two and a half centuries growing grapes. But the wine production arrived slightly later on, about two generations later.

Ramon Gil, the great-grandfather of Elías, was the heir of the family home, the largest estate in the town, always in Horta de Sant Joan. As was tradition, he was the eldest male of all his siblings and he would inherit the estate.

His siblings gradually married. They left the family home to make their own lives, and Ramon remained single. Looking after his parents and the estate he was to inherit, as it gradually became larger. And when it seemed as though his life would be this way forever, he met Manuela.

Segona generació

Ramon and Manuela fell in love in the most beautiful and tender way, but just like the greatest love stories, she was not welcomed into the family. They did not like her lineage, she was not considered appropriate to continue the family. And so, one night, the parents sat Ramon down and explained their reservations:

 “Ramon, you know we love more than anything, and we are aware that you feel the same about us. But this girl will not be part of this family. Take as long as you need to think about it”.
Two minutes were sufficient for Ramon to take his wife by the hand and start a new lineage.
With great effort and a lot of hard work, they managed to buy a bit of land and the house where the following generations would be born. With this they changed the direction of their lives, as well as the traditions and lives of all those who followed them. As of that moment, the heir would no longer be the eldest son, everything would be left to the youngest members of the family.

Tercera generació

The family of Elías Gil has historically been dedicated to the world of wine, focusing their wine producing activity on Horta de Sant Joan during the first half of the 20th century.

The great-grandfather Ramon began cultivating vines and selling wine, and turned this business into his modus vivendi. He built the family’s first winery, which was passed to his son Antonio, who continued the wine-making tradition, growing the family business by buying grapes locally. The third generation, headed by Rodrigo Gil, Elías’ father, left the vines to one side to devote himself to the preparation and trade, he was a pioneer in the installation of modern machinery for producing wine.

Rodrigo Gil grew the business, gaining a strong position in the bulk sale of wine thanks to the agreements he reached with the main players in the wine world at each moment. But the father died before his time, and Elías, the youngest son, was left to run the business along with his eldest brother.

Quarta generació

Elías had always been attracted to the production side of the business. His father had paid for him to study, and he felt a special curiosity for wine-making processes. And so, after some time running the business with his brother, Elías decided to break away and start-up his own winery in Gandesa. This was back in 1992 and it was the beginning of Vinícola de Gandesa, a winery with all the necessary facilities for producing modern wines. This was the materialisation of his desire to produce good and different wines, which led him to work with some of the main players in the world of wines.

Now, 25 years on, and with Vinícola de Gandesa having become a large wine-making machine, Elías has made his most important professional wish come true. Les Vinyes del Convent was born as a tribute to his entire family which, after having consolidated itself as one of the main supplying companies, deserved to give life to a project with its own label, one which would honour the Gil surname and everything this represents.



Les Vinyes del Convent aims to achieve the highest possible quality. The vines grow in unique landscapes, with a strong footprint of the territory and a firm commitment to the Grenache variety, the emblem variety of the Terra Alta region. The winery is equipped with the latest technology, so all factors add up to create the very best wines.


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LOCATION  Road T-334 km. 0’5. Horta de Sant Joan (Tarragona)

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