The vineyard

The starting point of Les Vinyes del Convent project is to carry out a careful wine growing business which produces high quality wines, ones which are full of personality.

Two wine archaeology operations

The wine growing project of Les Vinyes del Convent is linked to two wine archaeology operations. On the one hand, we see the recovery of High Grenache, a sub-variety of red Grenache with a very different vegetative behaviour. It is characterised for having a more separate grain, allowing for more air to pass through, and for being slightly darker. On the other hand, the project has also recovered the Moscatel de Alejandría, a small grain, red Moscatel grape which was also virtually extinct.

Five types of Grenache

The vines surrounding the winery are made up of up to five different types of Grenache with the intention of creating awareness of the wine culture among visitors to the winery. Here the recently recovered High Grenache shares the limelight with red Grenache, Garnacha Peluda or Lledoner Pelud as known in France, Garnacha Tintorera or Alicante Bouschet and the emblematic Terra Alta white Grenache.

Five quality estates

Five quality estates

The vines that bring the project to life are family-owned. Some are part of the family legacy and other have been chosen for their quality, purity and landscape traits. 

These vines are spread over five different estates in the Horta de Sant Joan area.

Finca La Pesca

This is the largest estate within the project. 52 hectares of vines in which we come across varieties such as Parellada, Cariñena and High Grenache. During the last harvest, Cabernet Franc was also planted, a foreign variety which is expected to provide good results as of next year. This estate is home to Els Plans, one of the most eastern vineyards of the DO Terra Alta.

Finca Viarnets

With great historical and political importance, this estate enjoys spectacular views over Els Ports Nature Park and Mas de Sotorres. With regard to the vineyards, they have been planted with young Chardonnay vines.

Finca Lo Povet

5.5 hectares close-by the town, which house varieties of red grape such as Tempranillo. This is also home to one of the jewels recovered through the wine growing archaeological exercise: a small vine of Moscatel del Alejandría.

Finca La Senyoria

The family’s most prized estate. This is one of the oldest, already mentioned in inventories dating back to the Templars. It is made up by 12 hectares of vines which are home to old High Grenache vines, the project’s other star variety. As well as other varieties such as Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.


Finca Mas de Sotorres

Located in the heart of Els Ports Nature Park, distinguished by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, the estate is located alongside the Canaletes river, which is home to the largest reserve of crabs in the whole of Catalonia. The vines growing here are the epicentre of the winery’s white Grenache, the emblem variety of the region and of significant importance within the project. For all this, this estate is considered to be the main focus of the project and its prized possession. 


Les Vinyes del Convent aims to achieve the highest possible quality. The vines grow in unique landscapes, with a strong footprint of the territory and a firm commitment to the Grenache variety, the emblem variety of the Terra Alta region. The winery is equipped with the latest technology, so all factors add up to create the very best wines.


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